Day Of Wedding Coordinator

Why It's The Most Important Investment

What We Do...

A Day of Wedding Coordinator (DOC) is logistically focused and available to you to get everything organized as you lead up to your Big Day.

We take over on the day of the wedding to ensure that all details planned are executed. 

We monitor and set up the wedding details, organize the bridal party and family for the ceremony, and do damage control for anything that might come up on the day of the wedding.

Reduce the pressure often associated with day-of logistics. 

In the simplest and most basic form, a day of coordinator serves as your problem solver for the day. Every wedding has an unexpected issue or seven! Trust us; we've seen and experienced it all before! Situations like missing clothing, a groomsman with two left shoes, party crashers, late vendors, and not to mention a rain plan! 

Having a point person in place to transition these problems from potential delays to no biggies will make or break your event. A professional DOC is an expert at this!

A DOC is in charge of bringing your specifics to life, in the right order, and exactly on time. We have details laid out to help you stay within your desired time frame, making sure that you get to enjoy your day, all while ensuring you nail your scheduled highlights. We are masters of logistics. DOCs are in charge of the guest list, the vendors, the floor plan, the seating arrangements, and setting up of your decor and making sure that your decorations are in the correct order and the proper place

Think of DOCs as a Fairy God Mother, Genie, Fire Fighter, Best Day Ever BFF, or your own personal wedding day ninja! We take the wedding you have spent the last year or so diligently planning come to life and without a hitch!


5 Stars

Dream come true!

This is the best of the best power couple. They are the sweetest most down to earth people, so much more than vendors to us. Always went above and beyond, we moved 1000 miles away and they still got every detail right through face-time. We highly recommend them!! Michelle made it all come to life. Chris told our story beautifully. From catering to coordinating, cake, officiating, they did it ALL.