Frequently Asked Questions 


FAQ on Ceremony and Officiant

Do you have sample Ceremony Scripts you can send?

Yes and no. Every Ceremony is unique and created with your input from scratch. We discuss what you would like in a planning session.

For the Love Story Ceremony, I send out five questions about your relationship and engagement which you fill out, then I create your Ceremony just for you! So, I do not have Scripts, but I can send you a few previous Ceremonies.


How long is a typical Ceremony?

Of course, this depends on which Ceremony you choose and what you would like to include; however, it is usually between form 15 and 25 minutes. If the Ceremony is bilingual, add 5-10 minutes.

How long is an Elopement Ceremony?

Usually between 5 and 20 minutes.


Are you all Spanish Speaking?

Yes, we are bilingual and perform bilingual Ceremonies as well.

FAQ on Day of Wedding Coordinator

Do I need to hire a Day of Coordinator?

Weddings take a lot of preparation. We have found that planning a wedding is a significant event that most people do not have experience in. We love wedding planners, and the right planner can make all the difference, but many couples do not want to spend big sums of money on a Wedding Planner. However, everyone needs guidance through the wedding planning process. We are the middle ground between going it alone and turning it all over. As Coordinators, we have the answers, advice, and knowledge that only experience and our network can provide to help you through the wedding planning process. Your wedding is an event with multiple appointments, gatherings, and parties. Of course, timing is everything; so much is packed into the Wedding that it can spin out of control even before it arrives. This is where a Day of Coordinator is an ideal fit for brides and grooms.

What is difference between a Panner and a Coordinator?

FAQ on Small Weddings

What is Mini Wedding?

A Mini Wedding is an intimate affair with 25 or less guest that still features time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale. You can keep all the traditions of a larger wedding, or customize the event, doing only what's meaningful to you. A mini wedding is for the couple who wants to really focus and spend the majority of their budget on the smaller details, elaborate decor & floral, and enjoy the moment with close family & friends.  

What is a Micro Wedding?

A Micro Wedding is an intimate celebration with 15 or fewer guests. The focus is on the most important element the day: your love, your wedding ceremony, and the celebration.

What is an Elopement?

An Elopement is a very small wedding ceremony experience shared with just a few family and or friends. It is simple, beautiful, and stress-free.