About Us

Ain't No Mountain High Enough...

We are the epitome of two different paths crossing. While Michelle had given up on love, Chris was in search of it. The road which lead us to one another spanned over 1,000 miles as I lived in Texas and Chris in Chicago. But with love, faith, family, and friends, we persevered and faced challenges together. 

We understand how important each detail can be and how surrounding yourself with the right people can make the Wedding Day beyond amazing.  Our day was more than we could have dreamed of because we chose the right team of dedicated experts. As you eagerly anticipate your wedding day, let us pay it forward by providing you with over 45 years of expert knowledge and expertise combined, a dedicated team,

and our willingness to go above and beyond to make sure your day truly is "The Best Day Ever!"

Christopher Brey


I  am the calm that keeps the ship sailing smoothly. Michelle can task a thousand things at once and make it seem simple; I do one or two exceptionally well. To most couples, I am a great Story Teller whose able to take just a few words & terms of endearment and weave together a Love Story. In the end, I am the friend they didn't know they had in the Wedding business. We love love!

Michelle Brey

"Fairy God Mother" is what most brides call me by the end of the night. Chris is more of a Wizard of sorts. When we say "We Love What We Do," we mean it. Your wedding is truly our passion and an honor to be a part of, it's what we live for and what we were born to do. Nothing brings us more happiness than seeing our couples smile!



Kelly Ruiz




Lead Wedding

Coordinator Assistant

Hi, my name is Kelly, I'm just a little OCD, which is good for you. I am very task-oriented, so making sure your day goes as planned and stays on schedule brings peace to my soul :) I'm also a part-time firefighter, ok not really, but I'm pretty good at putting out any small fires that might arise on your Big Day.


Kassy Argueta


Coordinator Assistant

Hi, My Name is Kasandra, better known as Kassy. Weddings are such a beautiful experience for me because you are a witness to a couple's dream becoming reality. I am thankful for the gifts God has given me of being detailed oriented and creative because I get to use my gifts to create magic for a couple's Big Day! Think of me as your very own unicorn. Assisting in putting together all the small final touches brings me joy :)