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Tips for Getting Your Marriage License

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

At Brey & Co, we like to consider ourselves your wedding gurus. We guide you through the process to get you to your destination—wedded bliss! There are so many details involved in planning a wedding, which is why we’re here to offer our support through every step of the journey. If, for example, you’re wondering how to get your Texas marriage license, we’ve got a step-by-step guide below.

First, What Is a Marriage License?

Before we talk about how to get a marriage license in Texas, let’s back up a bit—what is a marriage license? Why is it needed to get married?

Just like a driver’s license gives you permission to drive, a marriage license is a legal document that gives you permission to get married. On its surface, it may seem a bit silly that you’d need permission from the government for this, but it’s a step that ensures both parties are of legal age, neither party is already married, and that the marriage is consensual.

You must apply for your marriage license before your ceremony. Your officiant will sign the license and then return it to the county clerk. We usually send it certified mail to ensure that it arrives. At this point, you will be issued a marriage certificate.

Steps to Get a Marriage License in Texas

Here are the three steps to applying for your Texas marriage license:

1. Know When You’re Getting Married

For your application, you’ll have to have the date of your wedding. Don’t procrastinate! We know you have a lot on your mind, but you need to apply for your wedding license 72 hours before your ceremony. Due to Covid, many counties are requiring that you make an appointment. You can get your license 90 days before. If you wait until the last minute, your license won’t be valid. (There are some exceptions, though, including for members of the military.)

2. Find the County Clerk’s Office

Here’s something important to remember: you can get a marriage license at any Texas county clerk’s office. In other words, you can get married in any county in Texas and your marriage license if valid.

3. Apply for Your Texas Marriage License

You and your partner will both need to go to the county clerk’s office to complete your application. The county clerk’s office website will specify exactly what you need for your application, but at a minimum, they’ll require:

  • A driver’s license, state ID, or passport

  • Your parents’ full birth names, birthdates, birth states, and dates of passing (if applicable)

  • A certificate of divorce or death certificate if this is not your first marriage

  • The application fee for your marriage license

You’ll be asked to recite an oath and sign your application in front of the clerk; once you do that and pay the fee, you’re done!

Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams with Brey & Co.

We’d love to work with you to help make the wedding you’ve always wished for a reality. Contact us today at 281-451-2053 to get started.

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