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What Is a Small Wedding?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

When I first searched for “Mini Wedding” on the internet in the Spring, I found mini wedding cake, miniskirt, and Minnie Pearl, but there wasn't much information about mini weddings. Why was I searching for mini weddings, you ask?

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Wedding Industry

COVID-19 has brought dramatic changes to the wedding industry, including how we gather, how many can gather, and who can gather. It was at that point that Michelle and I decided to adjust our business model.

Before the Coronavirus, most of our couples booked large weddings. When the pandemic hit, 75% of our couples rebooked; a few had to rebook four times. So, we made the change to start focusing on planning small weddings, like mini weddings.

smiling bride in lace gown with arms around neck of groom in white tuxedo jacket

Is a Small Wedding Right for You?

It has been difficult for couples to decide if a small wedding is right for them. When making this decision, dreams are often shattered. They have to ask themselves questions like: Whom do we un-invite? Can we stream the wedding so our grandparents can see it since they can't attend? How do we find a venue that’s not too big?

To help advise our couples, we began to dig in and do some research. We found questions like:

  • What is the difference between a small wedding and a mini wedding?

  • What on earth is a micro wedding?

  • Is an elopement a wedding?

Choosing the Right Small Weddings Ceremony

With these questions came many conflicting answers. So, Michelle developed a way to classify small weddings in order to make it easier for couples to understand and choose what’s best for them.


An elopement is classified as having 6 or fewer guests.

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding entails having 15 or fewer guests.

Mini Wedding

A mini wedding consists of 25 or fewer guests.

Maxi Wedding

At Brey & Co., we have even added our spin to the next level of wedding ceremony sizes calling it the maxi wedding. This type of ceremony includes having 50 or fewer guests.

We have found that the language about small weddings is too new to be consistent. Truth be told, when we got married in 2017, we had 80 guests. Back then, that was called a small wedding. Now, in the current state of the world, having 80 guests feels like a large wedding. The terminology can be confusing and challenging.

christopher and michelle brey lighting candles on a beautifully decorated outdoor reception table

Should I Have a Small Wedding?

Here are three things that can help you decide if a small wedding is right for you:

  1. How many guests should we invite?

  2. How do we decide whom to invite or uninvite?

  3. How can we find a small venue?

With most weddings, you have to limit the guest list, but it becomes even more complicated with small weddings. When couples struggle to decide whom to invite or not invite, we advise they look at their family/friends to see who is closest to them. The first group is those closest to you like immediate family, roommates, best friends, grandmas, and grandpas. The next group is a bit larger, including friends you hang out with, co-workers, aunts, and uncles. The last group is relatives and friends you haven't seen in a few years. Begin by inviting those closest to you, then those in the next group till you reach your guest count. When Michelle and I decided whom to invite to our wedding, we chose our family and our “Ride or Die” friends.

Additional Considerations for Small Weddings

For those who cannot attend, what can you do? Can you stream it? Yes! Use a phone on a stand, someone holding a camera in the front row, or hire a professional. You can do Facebook Live, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. You can create a YouTube Channel and livestream it. There are tons of free or next to free options to choose from. Then, to help grandma and Uncle Jimmy see it, connect with a neighbor, grandchild, or friend of theirs to help set it up for them. That person can connect the device to their TV via Bluetooth, which makes it easier to see.

Finding a Small Wedding Venue

Finally, how can you find a small venue? We believe in not only thinking outside the box but throwing the box away. Look at BnBs, restaurants’ private rooms, wineries, and backyards.

At Brey & Co., we offer small wedding packages at a number of venues including our most popular options in the Greater Houston Area:

Texas Avenue Boutique BnB

Texas Avenue BnB is a small family business and Houston’s only boutique hotel. Located in the EaDo neighborhood, it boasts 4 unique suites and unique gathering spaces perfect for hosting a small wedding.

George Ranch Historical Park

The George Ranch Historical Park is a living history museum and working ranch located on 23,000 acres in Richmond, TX. With vintage structures, a storybook chapel, intimate tree-covered pathways, and vast green pastures, you’ll be able to host a memorable and elegant small wedding ceremony.

Ready to Start Wedding Planning With Brey & Co.?

At Brey & Co., we make your wedding planning process easy while keeping it chic and stress-free. We offer many small wedding packages to fit your needs as well as additional services such as premarital counseling and wedding officiants.

Contact our wedding experts today. We would love to hear from you and offer advice on how to have a small wedding.

Have a question? You can reach us at,, or message/DM with FaceBook and IG @breyandco.

In the meantime, view our wedding gallery and see how other couples have celebrated their special day.

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