What To Look for in a Wedding Day Officiant

Updated: Feb 26

An exceptional wedding officiant can set the tone for your entire wedding day! Look for the person who can create a personal message that pours out the emotion you feel for one another and make your “I DOs” memorable.

Look for an Ordained Wedding Officiant

A wedding officiant needs to first and foremost be ordained, but also a professional speaker comfortable in their craft with a willingness to bring the love you feel for one another to center stage. They will have experience mapping out traditional ceremonies as well as incorporating elements that reflect the unique qualities of each individual spouse. Let your wedding officiant show your family and friends why you two are meant to be while you simply focus on enjoying the moment stress-free.

Don’t forget, this day is about making your dreams become reality and one for the ages. Every detail should be special.

Quality Over Quantity

Your ceremony should be about quality rather than quantity. So much meaning can be said with such few words in a short amount of time with the right person at the helm. Your officiant should be able to guide you smoothly not only into your reception but also into a long, happy life together. Set yourselves up for success…. by starting with your officiant.

Interview Wedding Officiant Candidates

A wedding officiant is one of the most important vendors for your big day! Take the time to interview each one and ensure they are the right fit for both of your personalities and overall vision. As previously mentioned, an articulate, professional speaker can make all the difference in expressing to your guests the passion your relationship holds through their words. If you and your spouse meet an officiant, but only one of you feels good about it, continue to interview. It is important that the couple share a sense of comfort for such a decision.

Here Are Some Wedding Officiant Questions for Your Interview:

  • How many weddings have you officianted?