Premarital Counseling in Houston
Couples Coaching

     What Is Pre-Marital Counseling & Couples Coaching?

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Couples coaching prepares a couple for their next step together as life partners. We use various tools to help a couple identify areas in their relationship that need a bit of work. Coaching assists with communication skills, developing shared goals and values, and conflict resolution strategies. 

     Think about a Coach of any sport and how the Coach helps the team and individual athlete develop the skills and stamina needed to play and win the game. As your Coach, I ask vital questions to help both partners improve their relationship with better communication, personal growth, and help them respond to the other's needs better.

I use assessment tools to uncover issues that hinder either person from reaching the next level of love and care. Next, we build  a plan together to help each person improve on the areas and issues discovered. We create ways to be accountable to one another resolve future conflicts.

    Couples coaching is about assessing and adapting your habits in the present to get the results you want in the future for a happy and healthy marriage.


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Package Details

The first step is a PreMarital Questionnaire used to explore what your relationship needs to a happy and healthy marriage.  Next, we evaluate and discuss your responses to provide practical recommendations that you can implement. Then, we look at how each person expresses and receives love using the Five Love Languages. Finally, we discover and share what each person values most in themselves, their partner, and their relationship. (What is it that makes you happy?) This package includes 3 sessions, and we are available to you via phone calls, texts, and emails.



Additional Session:  

Some just need more time to discuss a particular issue and need a little extra coaching.  At your request, I will be happy to add a session.