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Love Story Ceremony

The Love Story Ceremony is the perfect choice for couples wanting their Ceremony to be meaningful and personal. The Ceremony becomes a ‘Love Letter’ between you, your Wedding Party, and your guests. We tell your story from the first date to the proposal using your own words.

Written from scratch, it can include whatever you would like. Couples have used their furry friends, blessings by dad, smashing of the cup,unity symbols (like quaichs, knot tying, colored sands, beer pouring, etc.), and so much more!

As a final touch, we craft your Ceremony Booklet to be a keepsake and a gift from us! Planning session(s) is(are) included, and we are available to you via phone calls, texts, and emails.



Traditional Ceremony

This is the “traditional” Wedding Ceremony that is not so traditional. Like the Love Story, it is created from scratch, making it personal and fun. We begin with a Welcome that describes your love and relationship. Next, there may be a reading from Bob Marley, Dr. Suess, the Scriptures, or anything you can imagine. After these words of wisdom, you share your Vows (traditional, your own, or vows created by us) and Exchange Rings. 

 Finally, we pronounce you married, and the party begins! 

Anything can be added to this Ceremony (ie. Unity Ceremony) or taken away. As a final touch, we craft your Ceremony Booklet to be a keepsake and a gift from us! Planning session(s) is(are) included, and we are available to you via phone calls, texts, and emails.




Wondering who will stand where and when everyone should walk in? Let us lead your Rehearsal.

 We lead your rehearsal and make everyone feel comfortable. We include the processional and recessional line up and order, instruction of each member according to his/her part, and tips for the best photos. Usually lasts between 1/2 hour to an hour.


5 Star Review and Fantastic Advice from Taylor and Jim

Many couples spend a lot of time working on the details of the wedding (such as finding photographers, videographer, and other vendors) that they tend to leave one of the most important aspects to chance. Fundamentally, the most important part of your wedding is the ceremony. While it may be one of the shorter sections of the wedding experience, it is still, in many ways, the most important part of the day. As such, couples should not put off finding an officiant until the last possible moment. 

The best type of officiant is one who listens to you and understands what you want your ceremony to be. The best type of officiant is the person who sits down with you and crafts your entire ceremony from beginning to end. This is the reason you must contact Chris Brey to be your officiant.

From the very first meeting, Chris sat down with my fiancé and I and we discussed who we were and what we were looking for in an officiant and a ceremony. He understood our desire to meld both of our cultures and personalities into the ceremony. We discussed many options with him that were important for us and he helped us weave them together. The final ceremony was one which reflected us beautifully. Every person who talked to us afterwards described how much they enjoyed the ceremony and thought it was the best one they had ever attended. One man walked up to us and stated our ceremony was better than the one he and his wife had! We cannot recommend Chris any higher!

You can talk to various officiants and they will likely do an adequate or good job. But this is your wedding ceremony and adequate is not nearly good enough. You can take a circuitous path if you must, but you deserve stellar and exemplary. You deserve Chris Brey. 

Elopement Ceremony

This simple and heartfelt Ceremony can be at the beach, park, your home, or anywhere. It is perfect for the couple wanting to invite a few friends or family to share their love, vows, and rings. We craft the Ceremony Booklet to be a keepsake and a gift from us to you!



Marriage License Signing

Just like it sounds. We will sign your marriage license and get you hitched together the legal way.

Then, we post it certified mail to the County Clerk. Also, you state vows and exchange rings.



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